The Gorgeous Golden Retriever – The Right Dog for You

Some interesting facts about the dog breed – Golden Retriever.

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The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland in 1800s. Lord Tweedmouth developed the first litter by crossing a male yellow-colored Retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel dog. It was first called the Golden Flat-Coat but later on giving the name Golden Retriever. Originally, the breed was used as Gundogs in retrieving shot waterfowls during shooting parties. The first Golden Retriever Club was founded in 1913. In 1925, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Aside from a good family companion, Golden Retriever serves as a bird dog, a therapy dog, a drug-snipping dog, and a service dog for the blind.

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The Golden Retriever is an active, medium-sized dog. As its name implies, the water-resistant coat comes in cream to dark gold in color. The inner coat is dense, while the outer coat is sleek and water-resistant. This sturdy dog has a broad head, straight muzzle, black or brownish nose, and medium to large brown eyes. Males average between 56-61 cm while bitches around 51-56 cm. Males weigh between 27-36 kg and bitches between 25-32 kg.

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Golden Retrievers are known to be intelligent, well-mannered loyal, gentle and confident dogs. They are highly trainable and can learn tricks easily. Their playful and friendly nature, get them along well with people, other dogs and cats. Interaction with people who show leadership makes a golden Retriever happy. At times, it tends to make behavioral issues like being destructive, and/or over-excited if not given regular exercises. Though not a good watchdog, it barks loudly to signal a stranger’s approach.

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A medium-maintenance dog, a once-a week grooming is required, and daily grooming during heavy shedding. The smooth, dense coat needs to be combed and brushed regularly. Bathe only when necessary. Also, ears must be regularly clean to avoid infections. Golden Retriever is an average shedder. This breed can do along well in an apartment.

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Golden Retrievers can live between 11 to 11½ years, but are prone to specific ailments. The breed’s common diseases include: Cancer, Hip and elbow dysplasia, Heart disease and Eye diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy, heart disease, and joint diseases.

22 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Golden Retriever – The Right Dog for You

  1. Jerwin Palapuz

    Nice Dog Breeding Tips…I would love to know it because I am planning to buy a dog and breed it…

  2. Mai Flores

    I didn't know that a dog can be extinct this early (referring to the Tweed Water Spaniel dog). Anyway, from all the dog kinds, I've always loved Golden Retrievers. They seem to be kinder and sweeter, compared to other dog types. But that's just me.

  3. Paula Nicolas

    My children have been asking us to buy a pet dog. I think a Golden Retriever suits best in our household. Big, smart, friendly with children, and easy to maintain. 🙂

  4. lovemindanao

    What a cute dog, i wish i could have one in the near future ….fitting kaya ang name na goldy? hahaha

  5. Franc Ramon

    Golden Retriever are really one of the friendliest dogs. They can also be an effective sniffing dogs as they don't scare of people.

  6. The LILPINK

    after reading this, i will never look at that kind of dog the same as i did before. i can't believe there's so much to know about this dog.

  7. Bien Nillos

    The golden retriever is my kind of dog. I have always wanted to own one. I currently have a dalmatian.

  8. joy

    I had always hoped for a lab or a golden retriever but with 6 dogs dominating our home, it would be at least 12 more years before we can have space for a new dog 🙂 That time, I will surely pick either of the two 🙂 But the lab is preferred because as you posted above, retrievers do shed.

  9. kulasa

    oh, sad to know they are prone to those diseases…anyway life is like that, we all have to say goodbye at one point…but on a lighter note I would love to take care of a golden retriever! look at how gorgeous they are and smart too as you described! love those beautiful dog photos! 🙂 thank you again for such an entertaining, informative post….:)

  10. Kim Nieves

    Wow, ang cuuuute! This post makes me want to steal our neighbor's Golden Retriever puppies! Haha

  11. Chubskulit Rose

    Golden Retriever is one of my favorite dogs, they are very good with kids !

  12. Pao Tolentino

    I love mild-mannered dogs, and have always wanted a Golden Retriever of my own. I've got a menacing chihuahua who needs to calm down… Trade, anyone? kidding..

  13. Rogelio Olivar

    Man's best friend not only for pet purposes and stress reliever but also this dog can protect us from any danger too..

  14. Dhemz

    golden retrievers are good dogs…my SIL has one! I din't know they only live that short…our dog is half collie and chow, and his already 13yo.

  15. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    I agree! Golden Retrievers are medium-maintenance dogs. And they look so adorable! 🙂

  16. Mari Bella

    Now I know beautiful dog breeds are sensitive and prone to time we had a special kind of dog but it got sick, it vomits then I noticed there are worms in it. Then died after few days.

  17. lencilicious

    That dog is cute. So sad I can't take care of one due to some restriction at apartments.

  18. Levy

    I will include Golden Retriever on our list of pets to give to my son when the right time comes.

  19. cheerful

    this is the kind of dog i want for my kids but unfortunately as a expat moving family, we can't afford to have one…:) maybe someday, when we get settled. thanks for sharing.

  20. Marie Dee

    I've always wanted to own such a dog.. Too bad dogs are not allowed in our neighborhood. Maybe next time pag naglipat ulit kami! 😛

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