Cute Kittens in a Shoe

12 cute pictures of kittens in a shoe.

Awww! What do these cute kittens doing in a shoe. Sniffing, sleeping, exploring – whatever their reasons are, they’re just simply adorable!

Scottie: How did you managed to move yours a couple of inches?
Cotton: Just grasp the lace with your left paw, move your face forward and make a big push using your hind paws.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is stuck.

This is the worst part of having a white fur, you can’t be invisible.

My, Oh, My…. My master thought I’m a sock.

Someday, I will be a fashion model.

Here I go again, about to do some mountain climbing.

What a way to maintain my sexy figure, spending some minutes in a thread mill.

My friends envy my Caterpillar shoes.

See, I told you… we are the Perfect Two. Those pair up there is just copycat.

After a hard work, it’s time for my regular catnap.

It’s better to sleep here, than spending the night at the garage.

No camera please… I’m allergic to flashes.

12 thoughts on “Cute Kittens in a Shoe

  1. nova hedges

    i assume that those kittens find it very cozy and warm inside those shoes that's why they'll prolly love it to get and hang out there instead.

  2. Daphne Benosa

    AAAARGH!!! Such adorable little furballs, I wanted to roll on the floor after seeing this! So cute!!!

  3. mhie@smarlk

    Those kittens are pretty awesome. I like cats but I have allergy but we still ended up getting one cat because of husband and daughter.

  4. kulasa

    oh am gee…they are just so cuttteeee!!!!! hahahaha I can not wait to show these to our cats LOL.

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