Amusing Dogs and Cats

The phrase “fight like cats and dogs”, indicates that in general, dogs and cats are deemed mortal enemies. However, given the right conditions, dogs and cats can poster a good relationship.

Pride comes before a fall – Proverb

Proudie: See, I have mastered the Art of Balancing.

Kathie: Good, then why not do a front sommersault and see if you’ll land on all-four.

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Honesty is the best policy

Shaggy: Hey pal, What do you think of my new $100 hairdo?

Kitty: To tell you frankly, You’re a mess!

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The Narcotic Dog

Bruno: Hold it young fella, I’m not done checking you.

A stroll at the Mall

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Bruce: Hey,Tubby, you seem to gain some extra pounds?

Tubby: Really? I guess not…

The law-abiding cat

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Curly: What do you think? Should we now cross the street?

Whisker: Hold it friend, the sign reads” Stop, Look, Listen”.

Adopt a cat!

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X: Are you really my dad?

Y: Definite not! but you are my adopted child.


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Cat: I guess you need to use a stethoscope to hear the purr.

Saying goodbye

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Amor:Please, don’t leave me. I can’t face life without you.

The Christmas Party

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Bjorg: Hope nobody recognize me.

Stan: Gosh.. Is that you Garfield?

Dinner Time

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Speed: Get out of my way, it’s dinner time.

Pilar: Hey, you scare the hell out of me!

The Odd family

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It’s so great when your family can get along together!

Perfect friendship

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Now, judge for yourselves? Can dogs and cats live in harmony? My guess is as good as yours. They set a good example, we human can follow.

21 thoughts on “Amusing Dogs and Cats

  1. Jessica Cassidy

    Awww! These are too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just like the show on Animal Planet 🙂 They are just the sweetest 🙂 Unfortunately, cannot have these two coz of my little K's allergy 🙁

  2. smarlk

    They're so cuteeeeeeee- I know some dogs and cats can get along but my friends cat and dog are fighting so they have to separate the.

  3. Anna

    Cute cats and dogs photos never fail to amuse me. They tell us that labels (them being mortal enemies) do not always hold true.

  4. betchai

    these are very cute cat and dog pairs, we had cats and dogs before back when i was younger, and yes, they were perfect friends 🙂

  5. Tingting de Rimarti

    I am not a dog or a cat person, but whenever I see pictures of the cute ones, I am almost tempted to adopt from the nearby shelter.

  6. Sarah Jean

    ohh so adorable,my favorite pets are dogs and cats, there was a time that my cat delivered her kittens in my bed because the cat sleeps in my bed. And its so amazing to see my pets playing and not fighting over food.

  7. Cheerful

    oh, i love these two topics, dogs and cats…but dog will be number one for me. my family wish to have dogs around but we can't afford to have one being an expat…thinking if we moved from another country (again), it will cost us a lot. although we have dogs in Phils. and my kids miss them, 🙂 anyway, interesting facts about them, thanks for sharing!

  8. Dianne Salonga

    I love the topic here especially "Dinner Time" caption and photo 🙂 and also "adopt" theme. I have here now 2 kittens. Nice post by the way.

  9. Mommy Pehpot

    lovely photos! It's really nice to see cats and dogs getting along really well.. which makes me think, is it really true that cats and dogs are mortal enemies?

  10. Franc Ramon

    The photos are amusing. Funny when we were told like we fight like cats and dogs. Then next thing we argue about is who is the cat and who is the dog.

  11. Jek

    Oh… that was nice! photos are soO CUTE! Specially the second to the last! Captions are quite amusing too. 🙂

  12. Rogelio Olivar

    Lol so sweet and cute I love the dinner time, I wonder what happened next in that picture?

  13. Loila L.

    Waahh, cute dogs and cats! Haha.I love them. I'm most fond of dogs and I am hoping that I can have my own dog. 😀

  14. Gil Camporazo

    animals in pairs are very cute. they look so lovely. they behave like human beings.

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