Munchkin – The Most Kitten-like Cat

Do you like to own a cat – one that is loyal, intelligent and playful? A purring cat in your lap after a hard days work! If so, then Munchkins could be your breed. Read on to take an in-depth look and learn more interesting facts about Munchkin cats.

The Munchkin is a unique cat breed, the product of continuous genetic mutation resulting in cats having short legs. Although the breed gained popularity in 1991, several sightings were recorded as early as the 1940s. The breed is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), United Feline Organization, The American Association of Cat, Enthusiasts, Waratah National Cat Alliance, Australia, Southern Africa Cat Council and UK’s United Feline Organization.

The Munchkins are like ordinary cats, except that they have a broad chest, and shorter legs that may be slightly bowed. Also, munchkins habitually sit up on their rear legs. Munchkins sport shiny coats and fur varying in color and length. Longhair munchkins carry a beautiful curled tail. Typically, they have medium and walnut shaped eyes. On average, males weigh about 3 – 4 kg, while females weigh between 2 – 3 kg.

Munchkins are generally sweet-natured, intelligent, fast learners and playful. This exquisite and irresistible cat is so sociable, making them a good companion. Though having short legs, munchkins love to play, run and chase toys. They can even leap great heights when in a playful mood!

As pets, munchkins are ideal for owners living in apartment since this breed is best as indoor cats. Munchkins are also low-maintenance cats, short hair munchkins require once a week brushing, while long hair type needs twice a week brushing to detangle the hair.

26 thoughts on “Munchkin – The Most Kitten-like Cat

  1. leny elmedo

    super cute! I already planning to take care a cat also but with a lots of cute cats scattered everywhere, im getting confused if whats is the good breed to take care of! Thanks for this post! Gonna check this breed!

  2. Algene May C.

    Ahhhh.. Munchkins! Ang cute naman ng tawag sa kanila. I'm not a big fan of real cats or kittens but I enjoy seeing them as subjects sa photos 🙂

  3. leira

    i want a cat too and my husband wants a dog..we can't get both though so we still are deciding.

  4. betchai

    oh, they are so cute and very adorable, wish I could pick them up and walk around with them in my arms.

  5. Chubskulit Rose

    We have so many cats when I was growing up but I can't have one now as my husband is allergic to it.

  6. Rcel

    Awwww! Hahaha! Those cats are so cute! Now my daughter, after looking at the photos, has now been asking if we can have a pet cat! 😀

  7. Tingting R.

    I would love a have a pet cat, but sad to say, the husband does not like any critter in the house. He does not like hairs, especially when the cats/dogs shed it.

  8. lencilicious

    The first picture of the cat caught my attention. But I don't like cats as pet. I'm a bit scared of cats and dogs really.

  9. Anna

    I am smiling now coz I thought this is about the pastry from the favorite donut shop. Lol, maybe I just hungry 😀

  10. Rogelio Olivar

    These breed looks so awesome. We have a local cat in our house, and we treat them very nice..

  11. Jhoveleen

    Wow look at those gorgeous kittens. I like most the first and the 2nd, certainly they don't look like kittens at all.

  12. Hainrihi

    Waaaahhhh munchkins are super cute. I love cats, but this breed is soo adorable 😀 One of the breeds I would like to have 😀

  13. petroleumjelly

    the cat photos are viral on FB! hehe im not fond of cats as i love dogs and cats tend to be really clingy, i dont like it. (yay) but i appreciate their meows once in a while. cat lovers will definitely bookmark this!

  14. The Web Magazine

    Ang cute nila! Munchkins pala ang tawag sa mga yan. Sarap siguro katabi sa pagtulog yan parang ang sarap yakap yakapin

  15. carolyn

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